The Nestlé slogan hunt is on

Nestle Beware!

Mr. Cocoa Bean is hunting for a campaign slogan to demand Nestlé

hops on board this Easter to give us traffik-free chocolate!

The winning slogan will be revealed on Mr. Cocoa Bean’s placard when we launch our Nestlé Easter Campaign in a couple of weeks!

Last year, Nestlé gave us one Fair Trade chocolate bar; the 4-Finger KitKat but we want more, and we want Nestlé to know it! Your tweets and cards to Nestlé for Valentine’s Day asking them to ‘Have a Heart’ were brilliant! Here are a couple of our favourites:

Nestlé, it’s not me, it’s you

A company that profits from children in strife
Should not have the slogan
‘Good Food, Good Life’

We want you to put on your thinking cap (or bunny ears if you’d like!) and spring into action to hatch your best slogans and bounce them our way!

Send us your slogan ideas via Twitter (@stopthetraffik), e-mail ( or Facebook before April 4th.

Marching Bunny

Image of campaigning cocoa bean
We are hopping mad that 98.9% of Nestlé’s chocolate products may still use trafficked child labour! On the cocoa plantations of West Africa, thousands of trafficked children are being subjected to shell-breaking abuses. Thanks to STOP THE TRAFFIK’s campaign and worldwide consumer power, companies like Nestlé are beginning to give us traffik-free chocolate. Read more
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